Violin Tuition

Dr Anna Davis

"I love my lessons with Anna. They are fun without ever being trivial, challenging without ever being daunting, and the progress I've made over a year of lessons has been far more than I thought I'd achieve. Her positive presence puts me at ease and allows me to experiment and learn without worry of getting it wrong. Her own playing with her lovely warm tone and great musicality is an excellent example and encourages me to try and find the same quality in my playing. I'm an adult learner, so I've got a busy life to fit my lessons around, but playing my violin has become an essential part of my day and I look forward to each lesson very much." 

P. Stott


"As a woman in her 60's who had never played a musical instrument in her life, and who couldn’t read a note of music, I knew I needed a teacher who would be patient, encouraging and persistent, somebody who could explain things simply and clearly while treating me as an intelligent human being. Anna has done all this and more. Over two years she has helped me find confidence and progress enough to read music and pick out tunes from sight. I can now play a whole variety of pieces both classical and folk. Anna is happy to help me find and play the music I would like to play. I always look forward to my violin lessons and, at times when I have felt despondent about a lack of progress, Anna has helped me to believe the difficulties will pass. I would really recommend her as a teacher whatever your age or experience."

Chris Banks


"For the past three and a half years, I've been lucky enough to have violin lessons from Anna Davis. As I only started to learn after retirement I was a very nervous pupil but with her encouragement and patience I've gained confidence, progressed and learned so much. She is an exceptional teacher and I would recommend her without hesitation."

Shirley Wood


"When I first expressed an interest in learning the violin as an adult, many people told me it was impossible to get to a respectable standard without learning from childhood, and it would take years to achieve a respectable sound. Anna's wonderful nature, teaching and personality made learning the violin a pleasure and, within a few short months, I was playing pieces and could read music. Two and a half years later, I'm working towards a Grade 5 standard and have accomplished a level of playing I never thought possible. I cannot recommend Anna highly enough if you're thinking of learning the violin. Never intimidating, she is patient, installing and growing confidence in your playing. Furthermore, as Anna has a PGCE and currently teaches A-levels, lessons are clearly structured with short and long term goals in mind. Thank you for all of your wonderful teaching Anna!"

Glenn Weeks


"I learned the violin at school, but hadn't touched it in nearly twenty years when I decided I should really give it a proper go again...or else sell the violin! My lessons with Anna are bringing back the skills I had, but are also enabling me to develop further as a violinist and musician. I know she thinks a lot about my playing between lessons, and I think she relishes the challenge of coming up with ways to help me address difficulties. It's clear she enjoys teaching, and brings her knowledge, experience and musicality to bear. She instantly puts me at ease and I've really grown in confidence. With Anna, I have absolutely regained my joy in playing; now my violin is my favourite thing!"

Gillian Kay


"Anna is not only a great teacher but also a very patient one. She is so kind, flexible and amazing in passing on her knowledge and is doing it in the best way that is easy to follow. She explains every step very clearly with the theory behind it that helps me not only to learn how to play but also to improve my music knowledge. I hadn’t played violin in 12 years and it was extremely difficult for me to start playing again, but with her patience and amazing skills I’m back on track :). I’ve learned so much from her and I'm looking forward to learning more from her."

Melika Janbakhsh


"I always look forward to lessons with Anna. The fact she is happy for you to bring along your own choices of music, helps you find pieces that you'd like to play and/or supplies music that might be of interest, is always appreciated and makes the learning process enjoyable, fulfilling and personalised. For those who are interested in it, her knowledge of music theory seems deep, with lessons often naturally eliciting interesting points about musical composition as well as some points that I must admit go beyond my current comprehension. I have found her very kind and personable. She went out of her way and beyond my expectations by taking time out to come with me to help me try out and buy a violin and is always understanding when I have had to cancel or rearrange lessons. She has also been flexible in scheduling lessons around my irregular work pattern. She is not only a joy to be taught by, consistently making me feel welcome and giving the impression that lessons are more than just a commercial interaction for her, but also always appears happy to teach me - no matter how little practice I've done between lessons!"